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465, Ganahena, Battaramulla 10120

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Zimantra Leisure Center is a premier fitness facility located in Battaramulla, Sri Lanka. The center offers a wide range of amenities and services, making it one of the best gyms in the country. Here is an in-depth review based on various customer feedback:


The gym at Zimantra is highly praised for its excellent equipment and cleanliness. With a variety of cardio and resistance machines, members have everything they need to achieve their fitness goals. The gym is spread across two floors, providing ample space for workouts. The staff is knowledgeable and supportive, offering personalized training sessions to help members reach their objectives. Additionally, the new addition of CrossFit training has been well-received by members.

Swimming Pool:

The swimming pool at Zimantra is a standout feature of the facility. It is well-maintained and offers a safe and hygienic environment for swimming lessons and recreational use. The pool is open until 10 p.m. on weekdays, providing plenty of time for members to enjoy a crowd-free experience. The changing rooms are spacious and well-maintained, ensuring a comfortable experience for swimmers.

Badminton Facilities:

Zimantra boasts six pristine badminton courts that are highly appreciated by users. The courts are well-maintained, and the facilities, including clean washrooms and ample parking, add to the overall positive experience. The hourly rate for court usage is considered reasonable given the quality of the facilities.

Additional Facilities:

Apart from the gym, swimming pool, and badminton courts, Zimantra offers a range of other amenities. These include zumba, yoga, and social dancing lessons, catering to diverse fitness interests. The facility also has a function hall with beautiful views, making it suitable for various events. The availability of a small snack and energy counter on the second floor adds convenience for members.

Customer Service:

The staff at Zimantra are commended for their friendly and helpful nature. They have a good command of both Sinhala and English, ensuring effective communication with members. Many staff members are qualified at least to NVQ 4 level, demonstrating their professionalism. While most trainers receive positive feedback, there have been some suggestions for improvement in terms of professional skills.

Cleanliness and Hygiene:

Zimantra is known for its cleanliness and hygiene standards. Most areas of the facility are well-maintained and offer a pristine environment for members to enjoy their workouts. However, some customers have expressed concerns about certain areas not meeting international standards of cleanliness, particularly the swimming pool and washrooms.

Membership Policies:

Some customers have raised concerns about Zimantra’s membership policies, especially regarding the availability of short-term memberships for visitors on business trips. It is hoped that the management will consider these concerns and make necessary changes to ensure equal treatment for all customers.

Overall, Zimantra Leisure Center stands out as one of the best fitness facilities in Sri Lanka. With its superb gym equipment, friendly staff, cleanliness, and excellent facilities, it offers a top-class experience for fitness enthusiasts. It continues to strive for improvement based on customer feedback and aims to maintain its high standards in the industry.

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