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The Satori Japanese Language Institute, located in Nugegoda, Sri Lanka, offers language courses, cultural programs, and educational consultancy services. Established in September 2016 and registered under the Sri Lankan Government, the institute provides a fully air-conditioned, clean, and conducive learning environment with audiovisual systems to develop conversation and listening skills.

The institute offers Japanese language and traditional culture programs taught by experienced native speakers and Japanese teachers. The trainers also provide insights into the Japanese business mindset to help students achieve their goals. Moreover, the institute’s Japanese teachers are fluent in English, Sinhalese, or both, ensuring that communication is never a problem.

For those interested in studying Japanese language and culture, the Satori Japanese Language Institute is an excellent place to start. The institute also offers counseling for students interested in pursuing higher studies in Japan.

Sri Lanka and Japan share a rich history and have good relations due to their common links with Buddhism. Japan’s safety, cleanliness, and modern culture, along with the kindness, politeness, and friendliness of its people, make it an attractive destination for students seeking to learn the language and culture.

Learning Japanese is not as difficult as some people may think. While it depends on how hard one works and the method of learning, the Satori Japanese Language Institute assures that learning the language is not too complicated. There are many reasons to learn Japanese, including the country’s economic power and the presence of worldwide companies that have successful branches in Japan.

The institute’s vision is to provide quality Japanese language instruction to individuals who have chosen Japanese as their medium of communication for academic or professional pursuits. Additionally, the institute aims to promote international and intercultural understanding and help its students find foreign education placements and employment opportunities locally and abroad.

The institute focuses on the NAT Level 5 and 4 exams and provides courses taught by highly qualified teachers. To maintain its quality, the institute enforces rules and regulations that students must follow. Students are required to wear the institute’s uniform, shave their beard, and have their hair cut short before entering the institute. They must also attend classes on time and achieve 80% attendance before taking the exams and applying for a Japan visa.

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