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PGIM Sri Lanka is short for Postgraduate Institute of Medicine, University of Colombo. It is the only institute in Sri Lanka that is responsible for the specialist training of medical doctors. It offers various courses and examinations for postgraduate trainees.

PGIM Sri Lanka offers a variety of courses for postgraduate trainees in different fields of medicine. Some examples are:

Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Heamatology
Postgraduate Diploma in Child Health
Postgraduate Diploma in Family Medicine
Master of Philosophy/ Doctor of Philosophy (MPhil/PhD)

The Ceylon Medical College was established in 1870 during the British occupation, marking the beginning of formal western medical education in Sri Lanka.

In 1942, it became the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ceylon, but there were no formal arrangements for postgraduate medical training.

The Institute of Postgraduate Medicine was recommended in 1973 and established in 1976, but progress was initially hampered by a lack of resources and appropriate infrastructure.

In 1980, the Postgraduate Institute of Medicine (PGIM) was established, recognizing local postgraduate degrees for appointment to consultant posts. Since then, the PGIM has established multiple Boards of Study and Specialty Boards and currently conducts over 100 postgraduate courses and examinations annually.

The present Director of PGIM is Professor Senaka Rajapakse, and the present Deputy Director is Professor Chandanie Wanigatunge, appointed in 2021.

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