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Hapitigama National College of Education is located in the town area of Mirigama, Sri Lanka. It is conveniently situated approximately 1 kilometer away from the Mirigama train station and is within a 300-meter walking distance from the main road of Mirigama-Pasyala.

Established on October 1, 1985, Hapitigama College of Education is a significant landmark in the field of teacher education in Sri Lanka. Originally, there were only 5 colleges of education, but now the number has increased to 18. These colleges offer more than 20 courses on different disciplines.

Hapitigama College of Education specifically focuses on teacher training for primary education, with an emphasis on the main subject disciplines. The college is situated in a rural/village area, providing a calm and quiet environment that is conducive to learning.

Students who attend this college have expressed their love for the place. Initially, some may have had reservations, but they quickly grew to enjoy spending time with their friends and found the experience to be new and wonderful.

Hapitigama National College of Education holds a special place in the hearts of those who have been a part of it, as it is considered one of the best places in their lives. The love for this institution and its nurturing environment is evident in the affectionate expressions used by its students.

Overall, Hapitigama National College of Education is a beautiful and nurturing place that provides a conducive learning environment for aspiring teachers in the field of primary education.

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