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More Info | eClub Business College is an Education Institute in Sri Lanka

eClub Business College (Pvt) Ltd, a registered educational institute under the Company Act, Number 07 of 2007, has transformed the educational system in Sri Lanka. Though physically located in Panadura, the institute has gained global reach through digitalization, pioneering the earning of dollars through online platforms.

The institute offers a unique residential workshop program called Passionpreneurs’ Workshop, aimed at helping participants discover their core dreams and prioritize them. This program imparts valuable life lessons and equips individuals with the necessary skills to thrive in the business world. The workshop provides engaging activities that help participants focus on their future endeavors and develop a solid plan to achieve them.

For professional photographers and enthusiasts, the institute offers a course in Enhancing Digital Photography with Photoshop. This comprehensive course covers all the essential techniques required for taking advantage of Photoshop’s capabilities and achieving professional results in print or online.

In today’s digital age, computers play an essential role in the workplace, and eClub Business College recognizes this. The institute provides a course designed to improve IT skills, allowing students to manage their tasks effectively and efficiently. The course covers topics such as office packages, e-commerce, and the internet, with extensive practical sessions for a smooth transition into the workforce.

With their innovative digital approach to education and unique programs, eClub Business College is transforming the educational landscape in Sri Lanka, providing students with the knowledge and skills to succeed in the modern world.

eClub Business College is located at 651 ගාලු පාර, Panadura 12500, Sri Lanka. The college operates from 8 am to 6 pm on Saturdays and Sundays, while it remains closed on Mondays. From Tuesday to Friday, the college is open from 8 am to 6 pm.

eClub Business College is known for providing online business courses and has gained a reputation as a leading institution in Sri Lanka. The college offers a range of courses, including eBay Selling Guide, Fiverr Selling Guide, Crypto Trading Guide, Video Editing, and Graphic Designing.

Students who have attended courses at eClub Business College have expressed positive feedback about the institution. They mention that the staff is friendly and supportive, and the facilities are excellent, with the institute being fully air-conditioned. Many students credit eClub Business College for helping them build their own businesses and live successful lives.

However, it is important to note that there are some negative comments as well. Some individuals claim that eClub Business College is a scam and warn others to be cautious. They allege that the institution promotes false stories and tricks people into paying for useless courses. These individuals advise against trusting positive reviews of the institution, suggesting that eClub Business College may be posting them themselves.

Overall, opinions about eClub Business College are mixed. While some praise it as a turning point in their lives and highly recommend it for learning online business and earning money, others caution against joining and allege that the institution lacks knowledge about what they teach.

It is advisable for individuals interested in eClub Business College to carefully consider both positive and negative feedback before making a decision.

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